We invite you to visit our website,   http://www.kirkuty.xip.pl
This website - created by a person of non-Jewish ancestry - is an attempt to present some of the Jewish cemeteries in Poland in a photo-gallery format, enriched with some basic historical information.
The state of Jewish cemeteries in Poland is alarming. Before the outbreak of World War II, there existed in Poland over a thousand Jewish cemeteries. Not many survived the  Holocaust. They were destroyed by the Nazis, and after the war, they were utilized as sources of building material. And during the communist era, they were intentionally cast from memory.
Our website has existed since December 2005. The necessity for the existence of such a website has been proven by the large number of response letters and by the many offers of help and cooperation. More and more people are engaging in the creation of this website. The fact that young, non-Jewish people are very much interested in getting involved is very encouraging indeed. The editors of this website are also glad that there appear to be many local activists willing to improve and protect the state of these Jewish cemeteries. One of these activists is Artur Cyruk from Hajnowka, who on his own initiative, became the primary caretaker of the Jewish cemetery at Narewka, near Bialowieza.

The creators of this webpage hope that their initiative will inspire attention to the ever-vanishing signs and legacies of prewar Polish Jewry.

Krzysztof Bielawski