Our web page serves two purposes, and because of this is directed at two types of viewers or readers: Polish- and English-speakers.

For Polish-speakers, both those who practice Judaism and those who are interested in Judaism to the extent that they are even considering conversion, we seek to foster knowledge about related issues. 

We hope to achieve this primarily by answering pertinent questions about Judaism, and by means of addressing these issues on our web page.

Our other plans include the publication of books, as well as financial help for other publishing houses and authors in Poland, supplying Jewish libraries in Poland with books, organizing contests promoting a sound knowledge of Jewish issues, and funding prizes for involvement in promoting Judaism and Jewish culture in Poland. 

To our English-speaking sponsors, however, we offer a chance to cooperate with us in pursuit of these aforementioned goals. We ask them for financial support, though in a slightly different manner than usual. Most outreach institutions ask for funding, then spend the funds as they see fit. We, on the other hand, will endorse specific products (i.e. books, pamphlets, brochures, et al.) for purchase by our sponsors, asking that they in turn donate them back to those in Poland who need them most, the Jewish families and individuals seeking the knowledge we can help distribute. Using the funds we already have, we will be able to achieve our goals. But, the scope of our effectiveness is in large part dependent on the attitudes and support of our sponsors who agree with us that, for example, spending just a few dollars to buy a Jewish family in Poland our booklet about Sabbath, or spending a few more dollars to buy a book for a Jewish library in Poland that will be in circulation for years, is a worthy and noble endeavor.

 We are interested primarily in two groups of people. Those who are seeking knowledge, and those who are willing to facilitate that knowledge-seeking.

Our role is to connect the two, and in so doing, help the two.